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Human resource is one of the most important factors which affect the success and sustainable development of any enterprises and organizations. The question ...
Golden Eye 5.5 system is built to serve needs of managing parking-lots quickly and efficiently. This system overcomes the disadvantages of most current ...

Optimal Solution

With professional staff and expert teams many years of experience. We are ready to consult, deploy and provide optimal solutions for customers. ITECHPRO''''s solutions are based on the advanced technology of the world will give customers the stability and flexibility in using as well as to develop and expand later.

The software solutions we have implemented:

  • HR Management Solutions, wages ITECHPRO HRP.
  • GTS System 2011 - Online test management software |
  • Golden Eye 5.5 solution - Smart parking management solution.
  • E-Commerce Solution.
  • CRM - Sales management solution.
  • Geographic information system and remote sensing technology.
  • Portal.
  • Officials Software management.
  • Operational software solution (solution towards electronic administration for administrative agencies).


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